The ER and microtubules in tip growth of Arabidopsis root hairs(报告时间:2013年12月2日16:00)



报告题目:The ER and microtubules in tip growth of Arabidopsis root hairs

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报告人:Professor Hugo Zheng

   Department of Biology

   McGill University, Canada

联系人:杨维才 Tel: 64807761, email:

Dr Zheng completed his Ph.D. in Plant Cell Biology under the supervision of Drs Chris Hawes at Oxford Brookes University and Ian Moore at the University of Oxford. Following his doctoral study, Dr Zheng continued to work with Dr Moore at the University of Oxford for about a year as a post-doctoral research fellow in 2001. At Oxford, Dr Zheng developed an innovative, GFP-based, in vivo imaging assay system for qualitative and quantitative membrane trafficking analysis in plant cells. In 2001, Dr Zheng moved to the University of British Columbia to continue his post-doctoral research with Dr.LjerkaKunst studying various aspects of lipid biosynthesis, lipid transport and lipid function inArabidopsis. Dr Zheng joined the Biology Department at McGill University in January 2007.


Selected Publications


Hooker, T.S., Lam, P., Zheng, H., Kunst, L. (2007) A core subunit of the RNA-processing/degrading exosomespecifically influences cuticularwax biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell,19: 904-913.


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