Lysosomal amino acid transporters recycling center(报告时间:2013年11月1日10:00)



  报告题目:Lysosomal amino acid transporters recycling center

  报 告 人: Prof. Bruno GASNIER,Paris Descartes University, France

  报告时间: 2013年11月1日(星期五), 上午10:00

  报告地点: 遗传发育所1号楼B210报告厅

  联 系 人:荆玉栋(64806597)


  The catabolic function of lysosomes is essential to the homeostasis and maintenance of eukaryotic cells and tissues. The macromolecule building blocks released by degradation in the lysosome or autolysosome lumen are eventually exported for reuse by membrane transporters. In contrast with lysosomal enzymes, these transporters remain poorly studied.

  Our recent research focused on a membrane protein family characterized by the presence of 7 transmembrane helices and a duplicated motif termed the ‘PQ loop’. Its founding member, cystinosin, is a lysosomal cystine transporter defective in human cystinosis. We showed that the second PQ loop of cystinosin hosts a proton-binding site which provides the driving force for cystine export. Another member of the PQ-loop protein family, termed PQLC2, exports cationic amino acids from the lysosome and plays a critical role in the current drug therapy of cystinosis.