Studies of protein-DNA interaction and gene regulation(报告时间:2013年8月30日15:00)



告题目: Studies of protein-DNA interaction and gene regulation
告人: 浩威 (多伦多大学化学与物理科学系)
告时间:2013830 (周五)下午3
告地点:遗传发育所B210 议室


Most of genes we know today are regulated by proteins bound to DNA. However, the complexity of interactions between protein/repressor and DNA is not been fully investigated yet. Instead of simply binding closely to a single DNA site, proteins separated thousands of basepairs away can still talk each other via protein-protein interaction and simultaneously change DNA geometry with DNA looping and wrapping. The formation of such protein-DNA complex significantly changes the dynamic of gene regulation and often serves as a key point of whole gene pattern.

In this presentation, three different proteins (lambda repressor, 186 repressor and H-NS protein) and their unique method of protein-protein/protein-DNA interaction will be discussed. Modern single molecule techniques such as AFM (atomic force microscopy), optical tweezers and TPM (tethered particle motion) were used to obtain a better understanding on gene regulation in a biophysical view.