PINOID Regulates Floral Organ Development by Modulating Auxin Tansport and Interacts with MADS16 in Rice

Huamao Wu, Dongjiang Xie, Zuoshun Tang , Dongqiao Shi , Weicai Yang

Plant Biotechnology Journal


In rice (Oryza sativa L.), floral organ development is an important trait. Although a role for PINOID in regulating floral organ development was reported recently, the underlying molecular mechanism remains unclear. Here, we isolated and characterized an abnormal floral organ mutant and mapped the causative gene through an improved MutMap method. Molecular study revealed that the observed phenotype is caused by a point mutation in OsPINOID (OsPID) gene; therefore, we named the mutation as ospid‐4. Our data demonstrate that OsPID interacts with OsPIN1a and OsPIN1b to regulate polar auxin transport as shown previously. Additionally, OsPID also interacts with OsMADS16 to regulate transcription during floral organ development in rice. Together, we propose a model that OsPID regulates floral organ development by modulating auxin polar transport and interaction with OsMADS16 and/or LAX1 in rice. These results provide a novel insight into the role of OsPID in regulating floral organ development of rice, especially in stigma development, which would be useful for genetic improvement of high‐yield breeding of rice.